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William and Sly: Review and Boss Walkthrough!

''Just chilling''
William and Sly: Review and Boss Walkthrough!

William and Sly is definitely one of the best looking games out there. Maybe not better looking than Morningstar, but still it's a very good looking game. William and Sly was inspired by a young boy's childhood adventures of running around in the woods, and what I can tell from the game, very stormy woods. Everything in this game is pretty much perfect, the sound, the graphics, the idea of being a cute little fox (I like foxes!) and those little annoying birds in the background that make everything so real!

So pretty much William has given you a task. You must now activate all 13 runes, and collect fireflies! Pretty simple concept, pretty easy game. The easy way to think of this game is that it is a scavenger hunt, you must collect fireflies, mushrooms, find hidden switches and levers. It's like Easter, but in a stormy mountain-side forest, being attack by ''Darklings''!

The sound effect in William and Sly are amazing! The thunder roaring in the background, the music and those little annoying birds that you think sound good until your listening to it for the hundredth time all seem very calming and relaxing. This game really makes you feel like your in a forest, I love it! I would kind of compare this game to the Music Catch series, very calming music. So don't play this game without your sound or you'll regret it!

Artwork...artwork. Kajenx must have had some skilled artist or something! Everything is so detailed, rocks, trees, the grass, just everything. You know those game that seems to be more like art projects than game? This is one of them, just mixed with a scavenger hunt! You can't look at this game and not say that it looks good, if not amazing. William and Sly seemed to do everything perfect!

Let's move onto the walkthrough part!
Here's the map:
(Map coming soon!)

Boss Walkthrough!
We must now kill the Solid... I mean the Non-Solid Snake! So here is the pattern:
(Note: Your goal in this boss battle is to obtain 5 fireflies and light the rune, DO NOT get hit by the Non-Solid Snake or you will lose all your fireflies! The Non-Solid Snakes has 2 different forms, one with his mouth open, making you lose all your fireflies, or without his mouth open, doing no damage what-so-ever.)

''You will lose all your fireflies if you are hit by this attack''

''This attack does no damage what-so-ever''

''Poor Fox!''

''Why does Sly have to fight this!?''

As a summary, William and Sly is a very good game. It has that good artwork that we would want in any game. The perfect calming music to relax you and a cute little fox, you can't go wrong with this game! So please play it now. Enjoy! I wonder what this link could lead to...?

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